Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fear, surveillance and control

Fear, Surveillance and Control- Stop frame animation made by myself and Charlie Winterton.

Pecha Kucha flyer

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A white elephant in England is an ideom for a pointless gift or a waste of money, in Asia a white elephant is an object of worship and wealth.

I created this for fun... I've been playing with the wino series for a while now and just kind of wanted to make some wallpaper, so this happened...

The Juniper Tree!!! wow, this was an amazing event back at the start of the year... it was set in an old disused training hospital, and was a kind of part theatre, part exhibition, interactive performance. Hot soup collaborated with the Wonder club to create a new environment within the space. And I designed the poster for the event.

I'm just trying to get upto date with getting my work online. These are some posters from my night that I started- Hot Soup...
Hot Soup is now a creative studio for art, music and print. The website is currently being developed, but I tell yer. I cant wait!!!!
Sometimes when you've got a hangover the best thing you can do is draw how you feel!